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Butter “Chick”peas

How do you take a version of butter chicken that you like and make it vegan?  It’s not an easy task since you can’t use butter or chicken.  However, we modified a recipe from Eat Shrink and Be Merry that we like and came up with this!  We’ve made this recipe couple of different ways. [Continue]

The Soul Salad

For dinner I went to Mom, which shares a space with Pearl Yoga and seems very health conscious and mindfully prepared. All of the food is organic, wholesome, and natural. They offer many different bowls, but the size of the bowl is huge, and I didn’t want a ton of grain after that burger! The [Continue]

Indian Restaurant

Vadees is an Indian restaurant in the lower Lonsdale area that I found through a brochure that mentioned their vegan options. Whenever a restaurant mentions this, I always have to go try it. Their menu has a V next to each item that can be made vegan, and there are quite a few Vs. (This [Continue]

Being Mindful and Thankful

The holiday trifecta is upon us!  We will indulge in the giving of Thanks this week, and within 4 weeks, it will be the Christmas festivities for many of us, and finally, we wrap that up with New Years Parties.  What a glorious time of fun and food! So here’s a tip to consider, should [Continue]

I was so hungry

After work yesterday, I was so hungry ( it was already 9 pm) that I didn’t want to spend a lot of time preparing food.. Enter: chocolate protein oats!

More raw foods …

Hey heyI’m preparing for a 4 day trip to Germany, Essen to do some shows for the same bridal brand ( remember Paris?) We’re staying in the Sheraton so I think we’ll be getting a good night’s sleep..(I think I’m gonna need it after standing on those heels again the entire day ) And a [Continue]